Sids RWB Specs


Performance -

  • 3.2l Flatsix motor
  • Custom header out exhaust
  • Air intake and enlarged fuel injectors
  • Ecu tune 

Exterior -

  • RWB RSR body kit. The first and only one in Canada, widened increased to Royal fender, the widest offered by Akira Nakai San.
  • Custom painted livery

Chassis and suspension -

  • Completely free of electronic Aides, no power steering, no abs and m no traction control.
  • Torsion bar suspension from a 930 turbo for that old school feel. 

Wheels and tires -

  • Work Meisters S1 3 piece wheels. Classic Rwb style!
  • Tires are Toyo R888sz

Interior -

  • Era correct Alpine 6 speaker audio system.
  • Magnus Walker prototype steering wheel
  • Custom shifter
  • Roll bar
  • Rear seat delete on the way