Car Specs - Hakosuka

Car Specs

-    Performance

2.0L inline 6, SOHC, 12 valve. (160hp)

3 Solex dual carbs with Mikuni velocity stacks.

Kameari intake manifold

Fujitsubo EX stainless steel header (ceramic coated)

Fujitsubo Giken stanless steel exhaust

Kameari Stainless steel heat shield

Moroso coolant overflow tank

Moroso air/oil separator tank

NGK spark plugs with Ultra 8mm plug wires

Custom aluminum Radiator cooling plate


-    Exterior

2000GTR front spoiler

2000GTR rear spoiler

Modified rear fenders

2000GTR rear wheel arches

2000GTR red GT badges

Modified 2000GTX front badge

M-Speed carbon fiber rear center panel

Garage Ishizaka front fenders (metal)

Bosch superwhite headlights

LED lighting

Various TiBurnt hardware


-    Chassis and Suspension

Techno Toy Tuning front coilovers with 6k Eibach springs

Rubber Soul rear coilovers with custom 28k springs

GAB short stroke adjustable front and rear shocks

Cusco strut tower brace

Cusco camber plates

Cusco pillow ball mounts


-    Wheels and tires

Front: Work Equip 03, 15x8 +22. Toyo Proxes R1R tires, 195/55-15

Rear: Work Equip 03, 15x10 -28. Toyo Proxes RA1 tires, 225/50-15


-    Interior

Nissan Compe steering wheel with Nissan Prince center cap

Autometer gauges (volt, oil pressure, coolant temperature)

Custom carbon fiber gauge console

Custom carbon fiber center console panels

Custom brushed aluminum passenger foot plate

LED lighting

JVC head unit w/ Kenwood component speakers


-    Coming soon

Built L28 engine

        F54 block (280zx) with flat top pistons, N42 head (280z) port-matched with 10:1 CR, Crane Stage 2 Cam, Kameai oil pickup, Kameari high strength full gasket set, Kameari metal head gasket, APR head studs, SW Motorsports electronic ignition, and custom aluminum oil pan. Various parts will be powder coated and/or polished. Mated to a modified bell housing on a 5 speed transmission from an RB20DET, with custom drive shaft.

Carbon Fiber

        09Racing fender mirrors, 09Racing rear view mirror, Modified Japan carbon fiber rear fender arches

Front Suspension

        Techno Toy Tuning front traction rods and roll center adjusters