With this Subaru, baby got back.

June 11, 2018

With this Subaru, baby got back.

As the driving season started in Edmonton, FreshAir had the chance to catch up with Logan, the man behind one of the craziest Subaru's this side of the Rockies. He’s cut up the fenders, bolted on a wide-body kit, had it lowered and even fabricated a custom exhaust.

We heard that you purchased the parts for this build before you even bought the car. That's pretty dedicated!

Haha yeah! about 3 or 4 months before I had even found the right car for the project or even sold my previous Subaru, I had the Spoiler and the widebody kit sitting in my living room and was shopping for the wrap color and making the design.

You obviously have a vision of what the final project will look like?

Yes and no. I knew exactly what I wanted obviously with the body kit and spoiler although wheel decision was up in the air as well as the design. The design I had played around with for a few weeks on Forza Horizon 3 pulling inspiration from here and there as well as trying to make everything my own. Something with no boundaries and no limits. Completely different.

What was your inspiration for building this STI?

I've been a HUGE fan of the GR body style ever since I was introduced to watching RallyCross and the WRC (World Rally Championship) back when I was in middle school. Growing up I had always wanted one. As I dwelled further into show cars and cruising Instagram drooling over builds in the states, I stumbled upon a build named “Misty” and he had the widebody kit on his sedan. I was taken. I knew I had to have it. Soon after, I found @STI_lol_JK (He’s since taken down his Instagram) and he had the hatchback version of the kit and it just dug the inspiration into my head even further.

First Mods?

After the first week I owned the car, it was in the shop getting fenders cut, which is partly a shame because the car was so clean when I bought it. Original owner took amazing care and never winter drove it.

Where can people see you this summer?

All over Edmonton! I’ll be attending as many major events as I can this year including Driven Calgary, Driven Edmonton, Illmotion, and many many more weekend shows! I make sure to post on my Instagram where I’ll be at next.

What’s your favorite modification?

I've only owned the car for just over a year but so far its definitely a fight between the Wide Body and the custom Dual turn down pie cut exhaust.


This build is anything but ordinary and has surely turned (and maybe broke) more than a few necks while on the streets. 

Check the build list. 


Instagram: @whysobluue

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