Dare to be different

Dare to be different

With a rose gold chrome vinyl wrap, @_jjbxo's Ford Focus ST is an eye catcher in a class of its own. As soon as we saw this car, we knew we had to find out the story behind it. So we caught up with the lady behind the ride, Jill, to chat about her project, inspirations, and the advice she'd give others who are customizing their own rides.


Your ride is a serious eye catcher! How long have you been working on this project?

I've been working on the car since I got it in 2014.

What did it look like when you started working on it?

It looked like a basic black Ford Focus ST.

 What were the first mods you did?

The first mod I did was a blow-off valve and intake.

What were your inspirations as you worked on this project? It's truly one of a kind!

I didn't really have an inspiration for the focus when I originally got it. It was just a car I decided to get and I kind of just put things together piece by piece and it came out the way it did.

What's your favorite mod?

My favorite mod would have to be the wrap (if that's considered a mod lol).

What's next for this project?

And there's not really anything else I'm interested in doing with my car, I would like to move on to a new project.

Any advice you'd like to give people who are starting their own projects? 

My advice for anyone starting their own project would be to make sure it's a car you really love, and to not be discouraged by what other people think.

What's your favorite cruising music?

My favorite cruising music is anything with a good beat, that won't make you drive to crazy though lol.

Autumn - Dj Rcm

Any shout outs or thanks?

I would like to say thanks to my boyfriend Ryan (Noppswraps) for putting up with me while helping me put my car together. And thanks to all the people who have shown me love in the car community!

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